Time to catch you all up on the progress in the studio the past couple of days. On Wednesday and Thursday I finished up all of my guitar and vocal tracks. Some of them went great, and some were a lot more work, but we got them all done. We actually have a good bit more material than we need for the CD, so if there’s something that isn’t working out or just doesn’t fit then we can cut a song or two. But hopefully we can keep them all. We certainly have a lot of takes (versions) of all of the tunes. The record for me was 13 takes of one particular song, and even though it was only about 3 minutes long, it felt like singing the same thing about a thousand times! And I don’t care who you are, do that and you’re bound to go through a whole gamut of emotions, from loving it to hating it, from confidence to doubt. And that is the essence of my experience in the recording studio every time. The trick is to stay focused and believe in your work and songs and talent and just keep going forward. What’s left at the end usually surprises me.

So as I type here from the love seat on the side of the studio (Friday PM), Billy and Will are recording their parts on the song “3 or 4 Minutes”, which is about the mystery and magic I love so much about live music in general. A fitting song for the moment. It is really loud in here, but it sounds good! I have been able to listen back to my parts and see that they have a particular energy, but this is the phase when I can feel things start to come together in a way that is much greater than the sum of the parts. I’m glad to have such good musicians and all round nice guys to work with.

I think I’m the designated lunch fetcher for today, so I’d better start taking orders. Thanks for checking in, and I’ll talk to you again soon!