After 7 full days in the studio, today it has been time to get back to work on the day job. I’m not really too excited about it, but I’m not sure how much more of that studio time I could stand without a break either. It’s best taken in smallish bites for me.

Will and Billy finished all their parts on Monday, and although there’s a lot of work to be done on the tracks, some if it is already sounding way better than I had anticipated. That’s the good kind of surprise! Chris Rosser did a great job of directing and guiding us when we needed it, and staying out of it when we didn’t. He’ll be doing some editing and rough mixing later in the week, and then we can start working on the guest musicians and my guitar solos and harmonies and that sort of stuff. I am not sure if one or two of the tracks might get cut for various reasons yet, but we’ll see how they play out. No pun intended. One step at time.

But I can say already that this is going to be the best recording I’ve made so far. The songs are better, my performance is better, and the band sounds great. That’s what you always want, for things to improve steadily, but it’s reassuring to just do your thing like you do it without any judgement and then find that the results were not only as good as you anticipated, but a couple notches above that. I can’t wait to get it finished and share it with all of you.

My Uncle Bill is fond of saying that “it’s all about balance”, and I tend to agree with him on that. I continue to work on that balance, and finding what works for me. I think the main reason I started this blog was to work out my own feelings about work and creative endeavors and finding balance between them. I can definitively say that I’m not there yet, but I’m still trying. I have this dream of playing music for a comfortable living, but not only am I not sure how to get there from here, I’m not sure exactly what it will look like when I get there or whether I’ll like all that goes along with that, either. Time will tell, and I am sure about that. I don’t know why I feel like it’s already a done deal that I’m going to get the chance to see what that kind of success with my music will feel like, but I do, and I have for a while. I don’t know when that will be, but I will do my best to be ready when it is.

So like I always do when I get overwhelmed with how to forge ahead on an unseen path, I break it down to the simplicity of the “next right thing”.  Do the thing that’s right in front of you, I say.  It’s usually something very simple. Tonight my list included doing some bookwork for the business,  emailing a couple prospective venues about booking me and the band, sitting down and writing a post to keep in touch with you folks, get some exercise, and rest up so I can work another long day tomorrow. I’m only about 80% done with that list, but I feel a lot better already.

As I sit here in my beautiful office this evening with Doc Watson on shuffle, I am reminded of how blessed I am. Not that long ago things were quite different, and I am truly grateful for the life I have today. I joke a lot about the “first world problems” meme, but it’s fairly accurate for the majority of my complaints (and the ones I hear around me). I have a roof over my head, a family to share my life with, good health, food in the fridge, a job that pays the bills, and the opportunity to play music for my friends from time to time. I think there are a lot of people who would love to have that list apply to them. And I’m one of them.

So let’s all have a grateful rest of the week, why don’t we?