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One year’s worth of work, in CD form. Sans shrink wrap.

The CD’s are printed, they’ve been mailed to radio stations and press, they’ve been mailed to the Kickstarter contributors (most of them, that is), the CD release shows are set and the publicity has been arranged…it’s time now to step back and let this thing do whatever it’s going to do. The CD release date is set for September 11, and we start a run of regional shows after that for a couple months to support it.

I’m really happy with the way this project has come out. It’s a little raw-er than the most recent project, but it’s dead on as far as accuracy. And most importantly, I can hand this to anyone, anywhere, with complete confidence and say “This is what we sound like as a band, this is what I sound like solo, and these are the kinds of songs I write.” We could have done a lot more, but we consciously chose not to. It’s an americana/folk rock/singer-songwriter sound I can get behind totally, and I hope you guys can too!

There’s also a brand new website up and running as of mid last week, and you guys should go and check it out at For those of you who didn’t manage to get in on the Kickstarter or haven’t received your disc yet (probably because you haven’t sent me your address…) there are four songs there on the music page from the new project that you can stream right now. My buddy Reggie at Curve Theory ( has put in a lot of hours and hard work and come through for me once again with a fantastic looking and really functional site.

It feels like the calm before the storm to me. It’s like I just have to wait to see how it goes and what happens over the next couple months. The CD isn’t technically released, but I’m getting a lot of good feedback from folks that have gotten their advance copies. You, the fans, have made this project happen, and in a couple weeks I’m going to ask you to help me out again to get it out there to your networks and friends and music industry connections. I’ll be updating this blog and sending out another newsletter at the release, so think about that for me for the next week or so and I’ll be back with some really easy ways for you to share the new music with anyone you choose to. I personally think that getting the music out there as far as possible is the most important thing in the modern music industry, so an artist can follow it up with the real product: the live shows and performances.

So until then, check out the new website, enjoy your labor day weekend, and keep in touch!




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This week we put all the finishing touches on the 11 remaining tracks (down from the original 13 we were working on) and last night we finalized mixes to review over the weekend. We’ll all listen to the tracks in their (likely) final order and make sure everything sounds like it’s at the right level and tonally correct, make some final adjustments if necessary on Monday afternoon, then move on to the mastering stage on Wednesday. Mastering is the last audio step, and really sets the overall EQ and tone for the recording, as well as little details like the spaces between the songs and relative volume of each track. It’s a fairly mysterious process, really, but all I know is it always sounds a lot better after the mastering. It’s awfully easy to tell when someone has opted to skip that last step, too.

I was thrilled to have fiddle virtuoso Casey Driessen come in a record on a couple tunes on Thursday, and his parts add a whole new dimension to those songs. That dude is an amazing musician, and nice guy on top of that. I actually didn’t realize it until later that evening, but back in 2003 when Tim O’Brien’s Traveler CD came out, I must have listened to the song “Turn the Page Again” about a thousand times, and particularly the fiddle solos, thinking they were the most exquisite things I’d ever heard. And that was Casey! Crazy how things work out sometimes!

Will also came in on Friday and recorded some harmonies on a song that he had been singing in our live shows, and we sort of talked through song order and other final details. Will’s not not been in the studio for every part of the process, but I’ve been sending him versions as they progress for his feedback. He’s been a great collaborator for me. It’s nice to have someone who knows me and my music and potential who can push me and make suggestions now and then. Whether or not I act on those suggestions is another story, but I always appreciate the perspective!

I dropped review CD’s to both Will and Billy last night, and Chris has one he’s listening to over the weekend, as well. It’s turned out to be a really strong project, if I do say so myself. There’s some newgrass, there’s some electric blues/rock and some singer-songwriter stuff on there, and unless I’m mistaken that’s precisely what we play in our live shows.

The CD artwork is about finished, and we should be ready to send both the artwork and the audio files to the duplicator soon and get this thing finished up! Looks like a mid September release is more likely than late August, but that’s fine. We’re still setting up regional shows for that time frame, and we’ll just see what happens after that. Could be big!